Welcome to CB Rewards - Taking Reward Points to the Next Level

Welcome to a unique points program that rewards you with merchandise, gift cards, and travel, just for using your Central Bank credit and debit cards.

CB Rewards is different from any other rewards program available today. Not only do you receive points for using your Central Bank Visa® Credit Card, now you can accumulate points by using your Central Bank Visa® Debit Card as well.

To keep track of your points, we'll provide you with monthly CB Rewards e-statements so that you will always know how many points you have available to redeem. And the points you earn are good for three years, so you'll always have plenty of time to decide how you want to use them.

At Central Bank, we're working hard to provide our customers with the best possible products and services. CB Rewards is just another way to reward our customers for choosing Central Bank.

Join CB Rewards today and discover a whole new level of Rewards. Stop in or call one of our local offices to get all the details.

Ongoing Reward Points

Credit Card Purchases
. . . . . . . 1 point/$1 spent
Debit Card Purchases
. . . . . . . 1 point/$2 spent
(non-pin transaction)
Debit Card Purchases
. . . . . . . 1 point/$5 spent
(pin transaction)

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